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min son:
dobry den! hello. i'm a student from america who travelled praha, czech republic this summer. when i was in czesky krumlov (i don't know i spelled it right), i heard this powerful and beautiful music. i just checked your cd which was in silver color and it said 'zuzana navarova d.t.' on top. that's all i remembered and i googled your name. i really want to get that cd, but here all i can find is cds with you and koa. please let me know where i can get that silver cd. thank you so much. dekuje!!!

Hi, welcome on the board! smile  I think you heard the CD called "Jako santidevi" which Zuzana recorded with her group KOA. She recorded several CDs with a group called Nerez, then recorded 1 CD with a group TRES and finally recorded 4 albums with KOA. You can check Amazon - it offers 2 albums of Zuzana Navarova: Barvy vsecky and Jako Sántideví, you must have both of them smile  Jako Sántideví was the last one.

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